7 Steps to Finding More Free Time

This last week of GO Month is dedicated to Productivity so I thought I would share my “7 Steps to Finding More Free Time” tip sheet.  Productivity is basically doing those things that help you progress towards defined goals, professional or personal.  Unfortunately, due to the pace of life today, too many of us aren’t […]

Organizing Pinterest Board

So this week’s theme for GO Month is Organization.  Since I’ve collected some great organizing ideas from Pinterest I thought I’d share my organizing board, “Beautiful Organization”, with you here.  It’s a collection of great organizing ideas that also look amazing.  Enjoy!    

January is GO (Get Organized) Month!

As a Golden Circle Member of The National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) I am pleased to participate in GO Month!  As many of  you know, getting organized ranks pretty high in the list of popular New Year’s Resolutions!  Unfortunately, not everyone is as successful as they’d like to be in accomplishing their organizing goals. […]