Week 4 of Get Organized Month- Organizing Documents

The number one challenge for 90% of my clients who are looking to get better organized is PAPER!  Mail, newspapers, magazines, sport schedules, email print-outs, legal documentation, insurance information, it just keep coming and shows no sign of letting up.  And it’s everywhere – piles in the kitchen, office, bedroom, family room, everywhere!  Oh sure, […]

Week 3 of Get Organized Month: Organizing Your Time

Often when people think of getting organized they think of tackling the clutter that threatens to overtake their world.  But there is another side to organizing that is equally as important.  It’s time.  Most people feel they just can’t get organized because they simply don’t have the time.  Therefore it is critical when working with […]

Week 2 of GO Month: Organizing Your Space

The idea of organizing your space is all about creating dedicated areas to dedicated activities.  Just like with your things, when there is too much of something that it starts to spill over into other areas, we end up with clutter.  With space, if we designate an area for one particular category or activity, yet […]

GO Month Week 1 – Organizing Your “Stuff”

Getting organized is one way to drastically improve your quality of life, decrease your stress, save you money AND increase your productivity!  If you have made “getting better organized” one of your New Year’s Resolutions here are some strategies to help you get control of all that stuff: CARVE OUT THE TIME.  Allot yourself a […]