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Is Disorganization Holding You or a Member of Your Staff Back Professionally?  

This service is for the Business Professional who’s disorganization and inability to effectively manage her time is decreasing her opportunities for advancement at some level.   Once we’ve addressed the client’s physical space, we then dig into the these and other challenges:

*calendar management

*project management

*streamlined filing systems

*processing action items

*analysis of current work flow

*using the calendar as a productivity tool

*paper/supply management

*stress management

*how doing less, is doing more

*new start and end of day routines

Business Services:  Includes hands-on organizing services plus 12-24 weeks of coaching based on client’s needs.  

Disorganization is detrimental to a professional’s success and achievement.  Working with an organizational coach will provide an opportunity to grow and advance accordingly.

to_do_list pic

For additional information regarding availability time and rates, or to see if organization and productivity coaching is right for you, please contact Susan at 978-273-4325 or

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