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  1. Hi Sue, here is a topic for you: my most frustrating problem is that my “office” becomes my dumping ground when things get chaotic in my life. I usually clean it up and get it organized a few times a year. How can I break this cycle?

    • That is such a great question! I think many people struggle with “one room” that becomes a holding pen for when life throws too much at us. At least you address it here and there throughout the year so it doesn’t get too overwhelming. But in order to stop the cycle, there are a few strategies you can implement. Let’s start with the programming you have that your office has been given “permission” to serve as a dumping ground. Set the new rules – it’s your OFFICE. It’s up to you to decide what your office should look like and what should be in there to make it an office. Next, give it a super thorough clean-out based on that vision you had of the space. Take out EVERYTHING that doesn’t support the activities that take place in there. Take a look at the type of things that have ended up in that room – are things being stashed because you’re having a difficult time deciding what to do with them? Is it the result of impulsive shopping? Is it a paper issue? Is is because you are over scheduled and managing your time has become too challenging? You see, if you don’t address why and how the stuff is getting in there, similar stuff is likely to find it’s way back as well. The office isn’t he problem, its why the stuff is getting in there in the first place. But if you should need to do some stashing here and there, give yourself a deadline to get it out. Think about a weekly clean out if possible and you should be able to stay on top of it. Hope that helps!

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