Residential Services

hangers in closet

Basic Residential Organizing:  Includes hands-on organizing only.  This package is great for someone looking to tackle challenging spaces like the garage, basement, attic, closets, home office or kitchen.   This client will be able to maintain the area easily enough once her system is in place and probably doesn’t have a history of disorganization.

Staging/Preparing the home for a move:   A home that is well-organized and clutter free will often sell more quickly and at a better price than one that is not.  Also, why pack what you really don’t need?  Investing in your home prior to putting it on the market can result in significant financial gains.

Downsizing: For the client looking to move into a smaller space, together we determine what will be kept and what will need to be removed.  This sometimes difficult transition is made less overwhelming as the process of dispensing items through donation, disposal, and/or sale is managed for the client.

Moving In:  Getting your home set up once the move has taken  place can be a daunting task.  Services will focus on high-priority areas to keep life flowing smoothly in what is often a disruptive time.

Organizing/Coaching:  Includes hands-on organizing followed by weekly coaching sessions.  This client has had a problem with disorganization and\or time-management in the past and requires some level of support following her organizing sessions in order to maintain those spaces.


For additional information regarding availability time and rates, or to see if organization and productivity coaching is right for you, please contact Susan at 978-273-4325 or

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