Success Stories


Sue is Focused, Patient, Funny, Easy to relate to and listens to what client wants to accomplish. She tailors/customizes each session to her client’s needs and makes adjustments as needed along the way .
Sue’s compassionate and common sense approach will guide you steadily towards simplifying and rebalancing your life. Working with Sue is truly transformational and will increase your productivity. I highly recommend her services .  AP, Sudbury, MA

I recently had the pleasure of working with Sue Bohenko on some organizational projects in my home. I contacted Sue to see if she may be able to help me and we set up some time that accommodated my schedule. I got so much out of my time with Sue because we specifically did 2 helpful things- talked about my goals and my roadblocks to meeting them and how to overcome them and then we actually did some physical organizing together. Sue is very easy to work with, non judgmental (who wants just anyone looking into your cluttered closets?!?) and has a great sense of what she can offer to help a particular client. We accomplished one large project together and then she gave me excellent structured advice for more projects in my home. With Sue’s help, I was able to complete some organizational projects that had been on my to do list for far too long. Sue’s More Than Organized service are an investment I am happy to have made in myself and our home. I would highly recommend Sue’s service to anyone who is striving to have more organization and the benefits that go along with it in their life. K.P. North Andover

I had asked last week for suggestions to get my basement organized and I got lots of feedback! Thank you!! We went with Susan Bohenko of More than Organized and she was fantastic!!! She replied immediately and couldn’t be nicer! She did a fantastic job getting us organized and getting our basement/playroom neat!!! Thank you for recommending her!!:) if anyone else is looking for this service.  I highly recommend her!!  JM, North Andover

“Sue Bohenko is the perfect person to come into one’s personal home or business space and help clear the clutter and create a space that is efficient, clean, utilitarian and composed.  It’s not always easy to allow someone to come into your home and go through the closets, the drawers, and “stuff” with a friendly personality but also a strategic mind for optimizing a space to work for how it needs to work.  Sue has done this for me in a business capacity and also a personal capacity in multiple homes and my business studio with results that were sustainable and comfortable.  She is one of the best organizers hands down.  Sue’s uniqueness is that she teaches one how to organize from a team approach – she is a great coach and has taught me how to maintain a functional space so that I can always get back to where she got it once she has finished the organizing.  This is crucial in a working office space where things need to be used in a utility capacity.  She helps prevent “accumulation” of stuff by creating a space that can accommodate the flexibility of function and growth but also keeping everything in it’s place.”   Dawn N., CPP, Newburyport

“Thanks to Sue for alleviating a huge stress from our lives! Not only are the piles of paper gone, but we have a “system” that works. We know where things belong and our home looks orderly.”
T.W., Arlington

“Thanks to Sue, we’re amazed at our children’s ability to keep their playroom neat and organized. Sue is trustworthy, flexible and creative! She listened well to our ideas and wishes and truly analyzed, as well as improved upon our unsuccessful organizational systems. We now have an area that works for our family and we LOVE it!”
D.B. North Andover

“My closet looks awesome! I walked in this morning and didn’t know where I was! My husband really loves it too! You really helped organize our home which is now more functional and pleasing to the eye. Thanks so much!”
V.C. Beverly

“Thanks again so much for all your help. I can’t tell you how excited I am about our beautiful home. You are truly gifted with organization and making people feel like it is all attainable.”
E.D., Ame

“As a multi-franchise owner, I am extremely busy.  I contacted Sue to help me re-organize my office.  She did an amazing job and in short time.  The space is now clutter-free and more manageable, allowing me to operate more smoothly on a daily basis.  I highly recommend Sue if you want help getting your business to run more efficiently and your space to operate optimally.”
R.A., Dunkin Donuts
“I was nervous and excited to begin my Life Coaching sessions with Sue. She clarified for me what each session would involve yet I still wondered if it would be helpful to me. I can say with great certainty, now that I am at the 6 week point, that each week I have made strides towards a goal I have had for 10 years and have never been able to attain. Sue applauds my progress, validates the issues I bring up, asks me questions which cause me to pause and reflect, and helps me to develop strategies and action plans. Each week she adds to my “homework” and always shares a poignant quote about life. I ponder these quotes each week and keep a notebook with me to remember my goal, my strategies, and these quotes which make me stop and think. I can feel things shifting in my mind and how I view my behaviors which have been stumbling blocks in the past. I am very thankful to have Sue for my coach. She really “gets it” and it feels great to have a coach and cheerleader in my corner, something very few people will seek out in their lives. If you are contemplating it, give it a try… I think you’ll be surprised at how therapeutic it is. ”
Kimberly T.   North Andover

“Susan has worked with me for several years helping me to organize the mounds of clutter in my home.
I’ve always loved working with Susan because she is very upbeat, positive and brings a “can do” attitude to the project, even when I felt it was impossible to get out from under the clutter. More recently, Susan has begun coaching sessions with me to help me get to the root of why my clutter seems to get the best of me, and I always end up buried again.
Susan truly wanted to help me solve the problem. I find she is very easy to talk with, as she is very kind and non-judgemental.   With her laser sharp focus, she makes sure the coaching session stays on the agenda I have chosen for the session.  She seems to know the exact right questions to ask to get me thinking about how to solve the problem.  I have enjoyed working with Susan as she has helped me to come up with a personal goal and the steps I need to take to achieve the goal.  It’s always very doable, and I was able to feel successful in my attempts to make the necessary changes in my daily routine.   Now when I look at my clutter, I don’t feel overwhelmed and depressed.  I know that following my steps as outlined and agreed upon with Susan, will bring about order and a feeling of accomplishment.  I now feel in control instead of out-of-control.   Clutter will always spring up, with children and mail, etc.. but I know I can handle it now.”
Mary, North Andover

“Thank you very much for organizing my brothers apartment. Being a working mom and having the responsibility for my brother, with special needs, it’s great to be able to utilize your services for maintaining the order in his apartment. Thank you for helping me organize my home as well. When we organize I am amazed at the progress we make in a short time. After you organized our spare bedroom, my son said ‘we have a new room.’ You’ve helped restore my peace of mind, given me hope and instilled in me, motivation and creativity so I can make a few improvements on my own. I always look forward to our next appointment. It has been a pleasure getting to know you.”
M.C., North Andover

“I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your organizational help. It has been 6 months since we organized my mudroom. It was hard for me to believe that the attractive systems you put into place during spring would accommodate all of our winter gear. I am thrilled to say that all of the boots and shoes (and sneakers, slippers, etc) fit on the shoe racks you suggested. My boys (age 5, 8 and 42) now all hang up their coats on the easy access hooks. We can even hang up backpacks so nothing is on the floor when I enter my house! The playroom still looks great. I get compliments on how neat I keep it totally a result of the open top storage bins you suggested. It is now easy to find things in our basement storage area. Thank you so much for all your help.” 
L.P., North Andover

“Sue restored my sanity. I had 15 years worth of clutter in my home. The thought of tackling it by myself was so overwhelming that I ignored it. Sue reassured me that we could accomplish it together, one pile at a time. The process was so cathartic; Sue and I shared a lot of laughs and now I have a beautifully organized home. I don’t have to wade through piles anymore, I can put my fingers immediately on whatever it is I need. I am so thankful to Sue; she has restored my sanity. I could not have done it without her.”
B.P., Andover

“Thanks for your note and holiday card. I really enjoyed meeting you and working with you in our house. My kitchen is a huge improvement, and I am working hard to stay organized! I actually got my husband to do a major clean up of our music room/computer office, which you may remember was a disaster. I have told several friends about your service, and if the need arises again I will definitely contact you. You were really a great help.”
K.G., North Andover

“You are so sweet. I am loving the bathroom… it is like a dream come true! And I am planning to keep it that way. I have spent a lot of time looking at that counter and feeling bad and ashamed of myself-wanting to fix it. but not having the energy or insight! Thanks to you it has been accomplished. I just need to re-program myself… when I take something out, I put it back when I am finished. Cannot wait to go through my entire house and get everything in order! LOVE the Spa baskets!! The boys were very impressed too! I will try to heed your advice-resist the shopping impulse… and no more seeking out Bonus offers.. I want to simplify my life and enjoy my home!”
V.C., Beverly

Hi Sue… Thank you soooo much for yesterday! I don’t even know if words can explain how much you helped me. I kept going even after you left. Organized the cabinets in the family room, which then enabled me to clear out & organize the cabinets in the dining room! Now I have all kinds of space in the kitchen. I didn’t even want to go to bed last night but knew I needed the rest. I’m going to tackle that (the kitchen) today & tomorrow. My anxiety is gone! Thank you again. And as always, you’re a great person to be around.   DZ, North Andover

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