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A little bit about me and More Than Organized…

As an Organization and Productivity Coach I have witnessed first hand the effects of living in non-stop chaos and what it does to people both personally and professionally.  The concept of dashing from one activity to the next, prioritizing based on the next biggest crisis, living in the debris of past interests and half-done projects has become standard operating procedure.  Unfortunately, this way of life has its price.  The inevitable stress wreaks havoc on our health, mental well-being, our relationships and our ability to fully reach our personal and professional potential.

My goal is to help women, from female executives to stay-at-home moms, develop strategies for eliminating the clutter in their lives.   Have you ever noticed that when your environment becomes chaotic you start to feel chaotic?  Or when you are confused or stuck or struggling with  a personal issue, your environment reflects a similar chaos?

Let’s face it, a woman who  takes on a full or part-time job, many while also raising a family, faces some real challenges.  And although she probably wouldn’t do things differently, still feels at some level frustrated and spent, convinced she can never catch up.   How great would it be to approach one’s day PRO- actively vs. RE-actively?  To create a weekly schedule that actually reflects your goals and passions?  To feel back in control at the office?  To come home to an organized kitchen or a peaceful bedroom oasis?

As an Organization and Productivity Coach, I work with my clients to create a clutter-free, productive environment as we look at the essence of time through the lens of opportunity. Throughout the process, I support my clients in making those necessary and sometimes difficult behavioral changes that significantly impact their success .   Many of us know what we want and need to do but require support to actually get there.  As your Organizer and Coach my focus is completely on YOU and your success, and when that happens, so do some pretty amazing things!


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